Milk Saver Breast Shells Breast Milk Collection Nursing Cups For Breastfeeding Mothers Flexible Silicone 100%Food Grade BPA-free (2 Slice)

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  • ★Soft & Flexible - Suitable for any size bra, does not affect the appearance. This ergonomic milk saver protects the nipple from friction and can helps reduce engorgement. Keeps you comfortable, flexible and keeps the breast shells intact.
  • ★100% Food Grade Silicone - 100% made from food-grade, soft, flexible silicone and PP, with FDA approved and BPA-free, non-toxic and tasteless, to ensure the quality of breast milk and ensure the safety of baby food.
  • ★Do Not Waste Every Drop Of Breast Milk - Milk saver can help you collect valuable breast milk, collecting up to 4.0 ounces each time, and do not to worry about the shirt is wet when breastfeeding and prevent leakage.
  • ★Unique Ventilation Design - The gap are designed to allow airflow to circulate, allowing the nipples to heal more quickly and remain ventilated. Pouring breast milk into storage container is also very convenient.
  • ★Easy To Clean - Just rinse with water, wait for drying and sterilization, and then put the breast shell back to your breast, can be reused after cleaning.

Product Description

★During breastfeeding, breast milk will leaks, breast will friction and engorgement and breast shells are the best way to catch valuable breast milk all day long while reducing pain and friction.
★Fitted the chest designed so that it can be worn under the bra will not be seen, soft silicone makes it more comfortable to wear, so you can feel comfortable wearing them against your body for hours at a time.
★This breast shells is a good helper for mothers during breastfeeding.

1.Made of food grade silicone and PP material, the hypoallergenic materials to ensure that you are not skin allergic, FDA approved and BPA-free, guarantee the safety for mommy and baby.
2.Worn inside the bra to protect the nipple, suitable for any size bra and catch all the milk leaks won't get your clothes wet.
3.Breast shells are reusable and washable, easier to clean and sterilize.
4.Have a built-in gap to allow for pouring of collected milk into a storage container.
5.Breast shells are available whether you are at home or outdoors.

1.Don't put the breast milk in shell for too long, prevent contamination the breast milk.
2.When used, the gap should be placed upwards.
3.Do not recommend wearing sleep or exercise.
4.Notice washing after every use and place it in a shade.

Material: Silicone & PP
Outer diameter: 9.5cm
Inner diameter:4cm
Capacity: 2 ounce
Weight: 6 g (1 piece)

Package including:
Milk Saver Breast Shells X 2 slice

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